Terminal boxes - simplicity with effectiveness

When it comes down to it, terminal boxes are really just the simplest version of electrical cabinets. In some exceptional cases, however, they are also used for power distribution and accordingly referred to as a fuse box. In terms of modern automation systems, however, the application area of terminal boxes is significantly more extensive: They are not only needed for housing electronic equipment elements, but are also indispensable for signal transmission between the machine and the control system. At Elektro Mack, we produce terminal boxes according to conventional standards with multicore or bus cables. In doing so, we adapt to your individual specifications and requirements to achieve the best possible results for you and your project.

The construction of terminal boxes is carried out while taking into account the specific functionality and / or the intended task spectrum. Generally, signals from sensors are collected in terminal boxes, where they are bundled and forwarded to the appropriate controller. This same information flow works the other way around by passing signals from the controllers to the plant actuators. Accordingly, the proper construction of terminal boxes is extremely relevant for the system to operate smoothly. Contact us.

Precision and experience for optimal solutions

Typically, terminal boxes are currently constructed using remote I / O modules, which are in turn connected to the central controller using bus lines. Alternatively, the conventional construction method is also available. At Elektro Mack, we have many years of experience in Electrical-Cabinet Construction with particular emphasis on terminal boxes and can therefore expertly assist you in selecting the right construction system for you.

Schedule adherence and customizations

In every industrial plant, terminal boxes and electrical cabinets are essential elements that significantly influence the function, control and performance of the respective system. Regardless of whether standardized terminal boxes or individual custom-made products - at Elektro Mack we stand for absolute punctuality and the highest quality. Accordingly, you can always rely on the efficiency of our services and benefit from our plus in planning security and stability.

Terminal boxes for many applications

Terminal boxes are used in a wide variety of systems and are required in many industries. Regardless if you want to realize a project in the automotive industry or are active in pharmaceuticals - we will gladly provide you with our expertise in more than forty years of business experience. In constructing terminal boxes, we focus not only on fulfilling your individual specifications, but also on all legal guidelines regarding testing and documentation. This way you are completely secure with our terminal boxes.

Elektro Mack delivers comprehensive service from a single source: Individual ideas or proven solutions - we promise you quality and reliability in all areas. That is why we not only focus on our own design plans for constructing terminal boxes, but we also are more than willing to work with external specifications. We also take care of your individual fabrications such as custom housing. It would be best if we got in touch today so you can tell us which goals and project specifications you would like to fulfill. Then we will provide you with a non-binding concept.

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